Chemical Cleaning versus Enzyme Wizard Cleaning

We are frequently asked what is the difference between traditional chemical cleaning and Enzyme Wizard cleaning. The most significant aspect of Enzyme Wizard cleaning versus harsh toxic chemical cleaning is with both the product and the process.

enzyme wizard cleaning from Aquatemp Environmental SolutionsChemical cleaning can be almost instantaneous and will lift dirt and debris from a surface quickly, but will NOT dissolve or thoroughly destroy the bacteria or contaminant. Chemicals do not necessarily create a hygienically clean surface. Chemicals dilute and spread a micro-thin layer which is an almost invisible layer of debris that creates a surface that looks clean and may smell clean but this is a disguise or ruse as the chemicals are only masking cleaning.

How do Chemicals Work?

Chemicals because they are perceived as an instant solution work by simply burning, melting, or corroding an unwanted substance, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from the surface. Just because a chemical has harmed an unwanted substance in this way does not mean it has been completely destroyed from the surface or object or environment

How do Enzymes Work?

Enzymes activate and energise good bacteria that consume bad bacteria and/or contaminants at the microbial level. Enzymes eat protein and organic matter by feeding and turning the contaminants into water, salts, and CO2 (carbon dioxide). Enzymes cut the bonds or tubes that attach atoms together that makeup molecules. If the tubes that attach the atoms are cut, the molecule will no longer exist in its initial or original state.

Whenever there is a concern with bacterial residue from poultry, beef, fish or vegetables on any surface, chemical cleaners, especially disinfectants do not perform as advertised. All chemical claims are made from inside a controlled laboratory environment, not in the real world where it really counts.

Real world situations are significantly different than an incubator inside a laboratory where most validation tests are performed.  In the real world environmental conditions can change in an instant. In the testing laboratory, technicians maintain a controlled environment for weeks which typically does not reflect the reality of day to day applications.

enzyme wizard cleaning products from Aquatemp Environmental SolutionsEnzyme Wizard cleaning products are 100% effective at bio-degrading and emulsifying proteins. Examples of proteins that we need to be concerned about include mould, bacteria, viruses and insects. All these contaminants are made up of proteins. Enzyme Wizard does a superior job at breaking the protein components apart and bio-degrading them into carbon and water. It takes only minutes for this biological process to occur.

When used correctly for the appropriate application, Enzyme Wizard cleaning products are just as effective in dealing with cleaning and sanitising the challenges from floods and natural disasters to standard day to day industrial and commercial cleaning activities.

When optimising the capabilities of Enzyme Wizard cleaning products for lighter cleaning demands we suggest a wait time of several minutes of product surface contact.  Even for heavy and demanding cleaning, we suggest a wait time of five to ten minutes is best practice to allow the enzyme energy to zap and biodegrade all of the nasty bacteria and surface contamination.

It is unfortunate that sickness is often attributable to careless cleaning, food processing, field crop harvesting conditions and many other careless short-cuts that are intended to quicken the cleaning process.

For a long time, we have all been brought up believing that chemical cleaners are necessary and a complete cleaning solution. Historically, this was true, however, bacteria and viruses have developed immune resistance to common household cleaners such as disinfectants and sanitisers. The most common wording on the CAUTION labels of chemical cleaning products is “chemical cleaners are harmful to our respiratory systems.”

Enzyme Wizard energy enzymes are food grade and do not harm surfaces or the people using it. It is not a food, but considered food grade meaning that it is safe to clean areas where foods are processed or positioned.

Simply spray, wait a few minutes and then wipe with a clean damp sponge or preferably a microfibre cleaning cloth, for a hygienically clean surface that is safe, healthy and the correct choice in today’s high bacteria environments.